Across the Congress .. Hamdeen faces a crisis preventing the sale of offensive aircraft


Since the hands of the Hamdins have been stained with the blood of the Arab peoples and the constant association of their name with any act of terrorism in the world, the voices within the US Congress condemning the policies of the Qatari regime based on the support of the terrorist militias have increased. Congressman Rand Paul demanded the rejection of the sale of offensive weapons to Qatar, In the Middle East, because of its links with terrorist groups that were exposed by documents and documents.

The US Congressional Foreign Relations Committee, which votes on Thursday (June 13th, 2019) on a resolution to prevent the sale of attack planes and other weapons worth $ 3 billion to Qatar, is trying to reject the request of the Qatari regime, which wants to buy Apache attack aircraft and related attack equipment worth $ 3 billion, The US administration needs congressional approval in arms sales.

Elena Ross Leitin, head of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee of the US Congress, confirmed that there was intelligence that Qatar was involved in supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East, such as Hamas and al-Qa’ida, and the idea that Qatar was hosting terrorists from Afghanistan and the Brotherhood was no longer acceptable to the current US administration .

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