Tamim takes the role of the victim and complains about the Arab states in the Security Council


Tamim bin Hamad continues his complaint and crying to the world against the Arab boycott countries because of the damage caused to him by boycotting him and his regime because of his support for terrorist militias, through which he worked to sabotage and destroy the countries of the region by order of the Iranian mullahs and the Turkish ally.
At a time when Qatar renewed the call to settle the crisis with the Arab countries through constructive dialogue that preserves the sovereignty of states, Talal Rashid Al Khalifa, first secretary to the Qatar Mission to the United Nations, said during a session of the Security Council on the United Nations Charter that the continued boycott of Qatar represents a flagrant violation of the law International, and the provisions and purposes of the United Nations.
The statements of the first secretary of the Qatar Mission to the United Nations came in conjunction with the announcement of the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed bin Abd al-Rahman Al Thani, that slight progress had been made in order to resolve the dispute with the boycotting countries, stressing that the talks with Saudi Arabia were positive in order to resolve the Gulf crisis.
The statements of Qatari officials affirm the double standards that Tamim and his government operate externally to achieve political gains that would create a more effective place for Qatar in the world

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