Star Wars: New Scene “Only one person can save Kylo Ren” – it’s not Luke or Leia


In the build-up to Star Wars Rise Skywalker, an extraordinary number of new books and comics are filling in the gaps after the events of The Last Jedi, as well as delving further into the past of Resistance heroes and First Order villains alike. Rebecca Roanhorse’s upcoming novel Star Wars: Resistance Reborn gives an emotional and revealing look at the former Ben Solo’s fate in one powerful scene. Although Leia herself is not the key to her son’s redemption, the novel also expands on just how important she is to the entire fight against the First Order – and its rumoured hidden master, Palpatine.

According to Rey, she rejected the offer because: “I thought I could help him, but he only wanted me to become like him.”

Leia then delivers the crucial line. It is a recurring theme within the franchise.

As always with Star Wars, redemption can only come from within. Nobody else can help Kylo achieve any sort of salvation.

Leia says: “Ben has made his choices… No one can save Ben but himself. And I don’t know if that is what he wants.”

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