Star Wars 9 Rise of Skywalker: Kylo Ren has a creepy Force connection to ANOTHER hero


The new storyline doesn’t just establish there was something special sensed by Kylo Ren. It also lays the setting for Finn’s growing rejection of the First Order.

As punishment for embarrassing her in front of her boss, Phasma has Finn assigned to a grim clean-up duty in the bowels of Star Killer Base, exterminating vicious critters who have been attacking and killing First Order soldiers and crew.

When he gets down there, Finn realises they are fighting back because the First Order has invaded their home and is wiping them out.

Yes, it’s Finn, formerly know as FN-2187. When he was shown wielding a lightsaber in Force Awakens promo materials, fans assumed he was a budding Jedi. This never came to pass and overshadowed a more subtle moment.

Remember that early scene at the village on Jakku when Kylo Ren sensed FN-2187? We now know it was not the first time.

The new Star Wars Age of Resistance: Finn comicbook series revealed a scene on Star Killer Base where a lowly FN-2187 is mopping a corridor and Kylo Ren senses something and stops. Is the Force trying to tell him this unknown soldier will become a major adversary or does Finn display a connection to the Force?

There are no excrutiating topless transgalactic video calls this time. However new images just confirmed Kylo also has an unsettling Force link with another major character. It was hinted in The Force Awakens, which also teased this character could be Force sensitive or even more. The proof was spotted in a new official comicbook.

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