Qatar is suppressing the press and hosting a reception for White House correspondents


Contradictions still surround the organization of Hamdeen, between the penetration of the White House administration, the media and prominent figures, the Qatari regime continues its open methods of infiltration and control of American society.

The Washington Diplomat, in partnership with DC United and Long & State Real Estate, held a party in Washington to celebrate the freedom of the press. The attendees discover that the Qatari government is a key sponsor of this event for the political purposes of their country. To US administration officials, and look for a regional role for their system.

“Qatar, a country without a free press, is hosting a party in Washington to celebrate the freedom of the press, a country where the press has never come close to the limits of credibility and freedom,” she said in an article. White, which was held last April.

Jassim bin Mansour Al Thani, the media attaché of the Qatar Embassy in Washington, responded to questions about Qatar’s participation in the ceremony, saying that this was the first gala dinner hosted by Qatar. Doha and its media around the world are treated with respect.

The Hamdeen continues to appeal to the US administration in every way to obtain its satisfaction and disregard the provocative and conspiratorial Qatari policy and its continued support for terrorism.

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