New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – Full Apple laptop update and price cut explained


This update should make buying an Apple computer a little less confusing with a much more simplified structure on offer to consumers.

So, if you are in the market for a new laptop, here’s all the latest updates and how these new Macs compare.

The new Air also got a Touch ID fingerprint scanner built-in and there was a boost to its overall performance via an updated processor.

Now the Air has been given another boost with Apple bringing its True Tone technology to the 13-inch screen.

This update means the display will now subtly change colour depending on the lighting conditions around you making it far easier on your eyes.

Along with that screen update, Apple has also reduced the price with things now starting from £1,099.

This laptop now gets the 8th-generation quad-core processor making it much more powerful and there’s the inclusion of the interactive Touch Bar which changes depending what software you are using.

Like the MacBook Air, this machine also gets the Touch ID fingerprint scanner which unlocks the screen and allows you to make secure payments.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro starts from £1,299.

WHAT’S NOW MISSING?: Apple has now completely streamlined its MacBook range with the older MacBook Air now removed from sale.

This iconic device had been part of the Apple lineup for over 10 years but it seems Apple finally decided it was time for it to go.

A more surprising decision is that the super-thin MacBook has also been taken off of the shelves.

This ultra-portable PC stunned the world when it launched in 2015 but those wanting some thin and light only get the choice of the new MacBook Air.

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