Morbius trailer: Is spider-man in Morbius? Trailer gives a major idea


The genesis of the new Morbius movie is fairly confusing – as it both exists in the Sony Marvel Universe but, some reports have suggested, may also link to the MCU as owned by Disney. It has been suggested the new Sony-Disney deal will mean Morbius can mention MCU events, though some think it will be even more than that. So will Spider-Man be in the Morbius movie, since a deal has been struck between companies?

At present, it is difficult to say whether Spider-Man will feature in Morbius.

For a while, fans believed it would be the case that these two movies exist entirely separately, as has been the way so far.
However, it looks as though things may be changing between Sony and Disney in their new deal.

FandomWire reported the upcoming Morbius movie will be part of the MCU, saying their facts came from anonymous sources.

The source reportedly said one particular connection will bridge the popular superhero franchise and Morbius: JK Simmons’ contemporary take on J Jonah Jameson.
The newspaper editor of old became a “fake news” blogger when he made a surprise cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home last year.

Of course, fans will remember how Simmons played this role in the Toby Maguire days of Spider-Man, so how this things will come together is unclear.

However, other than these supposed clues, the trailer has also made a suggestion about how Spider-Man could crop up in this movie.

What has the trailer revealed about Spider-Man’s return in Morbius?
At the beginning of the trailer, there is one clue which suggests there may be some crossover – the film opens with the card “In association with Marvel.”

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