Joint health: Expert comment on the reason why you have pain and how to treat it


When it comes to changes a person can make to their lifestyle to ease the pain felt in joints, Doctor Stillman suggested: “Joints are designed to move. Exercise helps with joint pain, but you must be careful not to put additional strain on problematic joints.

“Start with movement that doesn’t put your weight on the joints such as swimming or water aerobics. Strengthening the muscles through this will help protect the joint.

“After exercising, both heat and cold can relive any pain. A warm bath or shower in the morning is worth trying, as is an electric blanket or warm ht water bottle in bed.”

“Anything that interferes with this process can be painful. The most common causes are an injury that directly damages these structures, or one further away that misaligns the bones.

“Excessive or repeated stress that causes the cartilage to wear faster than it can be replaced can inflame the joint, accelerating the damage.

“More rarely, general conditions that cause repeated or longer term inflammation of the tissues in and around the joint can damage it. In short, a joint is a well-designed mechanical structure designed for a lifetime of trouble-free movement.”


is a common ailment felt by many. The most common type of joint pain is osteoarthritis, affecting around 8.5 million people in the UK. As people age, this becomes more common and is more likely to happen if a person has previously had an injury. Additionally, sometimes the body’s immune system attacks the joints in conditions such as arthritis and psoriasis-related arthritis. What is joint pain, what changes can a person make to relieve the pain and what exercise can a person do with joint pain?

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