How a smart tourist paid just £ 373 for a two-week trip to Seychelles


As the New Year gets underway, many people will be looking ahead to the summertime of 2020. For some, it may be that they hope to enjoy a getaway this year – be that a staycation or perhaps a trip to sunnier climes.

Daria Gerasimova, 30, lives in London, and last month travelled to the Seychelles for two weeks. Holidays to this location are often synonymous with luxury, meaning many would expect to pay a significant amount on a getaway to this destination.

However, savvy saver Daria, who works in the capital as a Head of PR, has explained how she managed to save on outgoings for her two-week trip to the Seychelles with her boyfriend.

The couple paid £373 each for their flights, and their expenditure on hotels was nothing at all.

This figure may come as a surprise to some, but Daria has explained exactly how she managed to cut costs.

While she didn’t spend any of her money on the hotels, they were instead covered by Avios points, as were the return flights.
However, due to taxes, fees and carrier charges, the return flights ended up costing them £373 each.

“To be fully transparent, my partner travels a lot for work. And I mean a lot,” she explained.

“So we’re usually very lucky to be able to use his points for travel and have been to places like Barbados, Antigua and, now, Seychelles largely using Avios to cover flights and hotels.

“That said, I have seen return flights to the Seychelles for under £400. Jack’s Flight Club occasionally features incredibly good deals for flights to the Seychelles, so you don’t need to have a lot of Avios points to bag a cheap return flight to paradise.

“We booked our flights five months prior to travel, and then over those five months, I focused on saving the money to spend when we’re there.

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