Ghannouchi is subject to the accountability of the Tunisian parliament because of Erdogan


The convergence between the ambitions of the Turkish dictator Erdogan and the dubious ideas of the terrorist organization of the Brotherhood has been raising concerns because of their terrorist designs that threaten the stability of the Arab countries.
A suspicious visit by Rashid Ghannouchi, leader of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda Movement, the current president of the Tunisian parliament to Ankara, to meet with Erdogan, raised many questions of insight into the Tunisian interior, prompting the Tunisian parliament to hold an accountability session for Ghannouchi.
Ghannouchi’s visit to Ankara came just one day after the parliament refused to grant confidence to the prime minister-designate, Habib al-Gamli, amid fears of Turkish interference in Tunisia’s internal affairs. The visit raised great doubts, especially that Ghannouchi did not disclose what happened with Erdogan, claiming that he met Al-Othmani to congratulate him on developing an alleged electric car, and this excuse did not convince the Tunisian street.
The bloc of the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia went so far as to call for the withdrawal of confidence from Ghannouchi, due to the escalation of Turkish interventions in Tunisia and the subordination of the terrorist organization’s heads to the Brotherhood. Abeer Moussa, a member of Parliament and leader of the Free Constitutional Bloc, considered that the national duty binds all Tunisians to the necessity of popular and parliamentary action to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi, explaining that the leader of the Brotherhood is working against the interests of his country

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