Galaxy S10 will get this monumental upgrade NEXT MONTH as Samsung confirms new release


Depending on where you are in the country it’s possible to get an average 4G speed of around 20-30Mbps.

That’s as fast as most fixed-line broadband and would allow you to download an HD movie in around 20 minutes.

If you are very lucky, it is possible to get 4G speeds of around 400Mbps although this isn’t something many consumers will have ever experienced.

5G takes things to a new level with average speeds expected to exceed 100Mbps.

It’s also very likely that some users will experience speeds nearing 1Gbps with an HD movie downloading in under 40 seconds.

The 3D Depth Camera also offers Quick Measure functionality, allowing customers to instantly measure the distance, area or volume of an object or space.

Finally, there’s a larger battery 4,500mAh which includes Samsung’s faster-charging technology.

Speaking about the S10 5G launch, Kate Beaumont, Director of Innovation, Technology and Services, Samsung Electronics, said: “The Galaxy S10 5G unlocks an entirely new mobile experience to prepare consumers for a world of possibilities: a larger 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display; a new 3D Depth Camera with Live focus video; and the biggest battery available in the Galaxy S range, the Galaxy S10 5G is a visionary, ultra-premium device for those looking to stay ahead of the curve.”

As we mentioned earlier, this phone is launching on June 7 with pre-orders available from May 22 but Samsung is yet to reveal a UK price.

However, don’t expect the 5G to be cheap with reports suggesting it will get a price tag of over £1,200.

As well as being faster, Samsung has also included some other updates to help differentiate this all-new phone from the standard S10.

Firstly, there’s a larger 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen which is the biggest Galaxy S Series’ display ever.

The Galaxy S10 5G also features a new 3D Depth Camera on both sides of the phone that uses Time of Flight (ToF) technology to judge depth and distance, taking your videos to the next level with Live focus.

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