Easter 2019: Where do Easter eggs originate from? Why do we celebrate with chocolate?


Dream Eggs created by James Cadbury (the great-great-great grandson of Mr Cadbury), these come in four flavours, The Gin Dream Egg, Made with Passion (and a bit of Mango) Dream Egg, the Salty Caramel Dream Egg and the Nutty Praline Dream Egg.

The eggs are available for £25 for 4 eggs (65g each) from the Love Cocoa website.

For something a little different Lidl have created Easter Egg Baklava. 

These are £2.99 for a pack of eight and Katafi pastry nests with a caramel fudge sauce are topped with a pastel-hued mini egg and are available in Lidl stores nationwide while stocks las

It is thought that tradition was one which influenced Christianity.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the idea of a toy shaped like an egg was born, made, sold and given to children at Easter.

It is thought the first chocolate Easter eggs were created in Germany and France close to the beginning of the 19th century.

Eggs have been a symbol of fertility for hundreds of years, symbolising new life, new beginnings and rebirth.

Easter is a Christian celebration marking the time during which when Jesus Christ died and on the third day resurrected.

Over time eggs began to represent the emergence of Christ from his tomb as he resurrected.

This also tied in with cultures from around the world who decorate eggs, including the in Persian culture – when eggs were decorated by the whole family at Nowruz, close to the Spring equinox.

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