Boris Johnson unveils a plan to entrench the Conservative party in Labor Party strongholds after winning elections


Mr Johnson wants to capitalise on the Conservative’s historic election victory, which saw them demolish Jeremy Corbyn’s so-called “Red wall” by winning a swathe of seats in traditional Labour areas.

Potential sites for an office outside of London are now being explored, a party spokesman said.

Activists are also being canvassed on their views for a new location.
No decisions have yet been made but Stoke on Trent, which turned blue in the General Election has been suggested by supporters as a possible site.

A Conservative Party spokesman: “Following the strong historic result in December there have been a series of early conversations about how our structures better reflect our party’s new geographic make-up.

“This includes a project to look at potential sites for another CCHQ office outside of London. Nothing has been confirmed and any changes will be made in consultation with staff.”

A senior Tory source indicated that the venue should be “somewhere reasonably close to a university, good train links, well placed in political terms”.

The source added that Conservatives would maintain a presence in the capital.

“There will still be a small office in London.”

At present the Tory headquarters is spread across two floors of 4 Matthew Parker Street, a commercial property five minutes from the Palace of Westminster.

The building, which also houses Go-Ahead Group, a public transport company, was sold for £50.1 million to Charles Street Buildings last April and the terms of the CCHQ lease on the building are not clear.

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