ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: PS4 and PC patch notes revealed


“A note for those who have not logged in recently, if a structure on your server is over the timer limit it will automatically be removed when the servers restart with this change enabled. Therefore any spam structures will be cleaned from your server immediately.”

Studio Wildcard has also spoken more on modding support for consoles, adding: “When it comes to talking about mods on console this is a very hot-button topic.

“We know it stinks to see cool mods being developed by mod makers on PC but not being able to utilize them on Xbox or PS4.

“There are rare cases where mods are successfully integrated into the game such as Primitive Plus, Ragnarok, and Structures Plus, but not every mod that goes through the Sponsored Mod Program is guaranteed or even likely to be integrated into the game.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see new content released today, there is nothing substantial to report.

One of the biggest changes that fans will notice this week is that decay timers will be going back online on official servers.

“This was done in order to allow for our customer support to successfully reunite players with their tribes, bases, and tamed creatures after an issue caused some players characters to be deleted,” a message from Studio Wildcard confirms.

Anyone wanting to play ARK tonight will need to download the new patches, which should be available worldwide.

Developers Studio Wildcard announced their plans to update the game earlier this week, while also providing patch notes.

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